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Social Conditions for Qualitative Work

The greater the extent to which professional service provision processes have human beings themselves as their subject, the more difficult it becomes to guarantee the necessary quality of the services through normative or formal and systematic management systems. Ways to Quality is based on a concept of 'relationship based service’, which takes into account that the human being, as an autonomous subject, is an essential participant in the process of initiating activity and bringing about its outcomes. Relationship based services can therefore develop and unfold only in a real encounter between the people concerned. The objective as far as quality is concerned is a far-reaching individualisation of what takes place in the service provision rather than a generalised standardisation. In order for this quality to arise, the management procedures of an organisation need to make spaces in which creative activity can unfold.


Ways to Quality addresses, in a systematic and comprehensible way, the type and quality of collaboration necessary for the freedom of action needed in services based on relationship to be used competently in a socially responsible fashion. Twelve areas have been developed which, when worked with in an organisation, enable perspectives and forces to be gained or strengthened. The quality of the services is encouraged, when these are applied, ensured and promoted.