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Structure and responsible groups

The Foundation "Ways to Quality" carries the responsibility for the procedure. It provides the structure for international activities within the framework of “Ways to Quality”, which is based on direct human contact, continuous basic research, regular reflection and the initiative of the project groups and the countries. To clarify the Foundation’s intentions, we cite the following preamble from the Foundation’s founding charter:

"The rapid decline of the hitherto social communicative forces makes co-operation difficult, endangers the fulfilment of the goals and thus weakens the confidence in the efficiency of co-operatives. The most urgent questions for the present and the future concern the development of new social capabilities. "Ways to Quality" tries to answer these questions."


Our foundation has the following organs: Board of trustees, council and financial auditors. The board of trustees currently consists of seven members who have the overall responsibility for the foundation. They have mandated an executive committee whose members are Bettina Held, Ursula Remund and Dr. Michael Ross. The council advises the board of trustees on important matters. Thirty professionals from different countries and application areas are currently working in the council.