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Fundamental Unterstanding

The Human Being – More than an Object

The quality system known as Ways to Quality lends itself primarily to organisations with tasks in the fulfilment of which the actions of the human beings involved unfold and are configured in the encounter itself, as for instance in the professions of education, curative education, social therapy and medicine.

Creative Configuration of Relationship-Based Services

The crucial aspect of all these professions is that the service users themselves are and must be an active part of the process; through their behaviour they thus play a significant role in co-determining the course and outcome of the actions.

Relationship-based services of this kind cannot therefore be definitively preplanned either as to the sequence of events or as to their outcomes without such an encounter as has been characterised above; on the contrary they need continual creative configuration within the working process (see relevant descriptions under “Publikationen” in the German part of the website (they are not available in English at the moment).

The opening up and loosening of the structures and processes of the organisation that is needed for this creative intervention calls at least to some extent for an enhancement of and innovation in collaborative working. Thus Ways to Quality forms an appropriate basis for quality development.